Bilting Farm has been growing mushrooms in Kent since the 1930's The farm now grows small quantities of speciality mushrooms for farmers' markets and is committed to supplying high quality fresh produce to local customers. Why not watch our video on how to grow mushrooms.


There are currently 23 small businesses located at the centre creating a lively entrepreneurial atmosphere. We have both office and industrial units to rent from 700 – 5000 square feet. Please contact us if you are looking for any size of workspace.


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Local Self Storage For Ashford and Canterbury

We also have a large variety of self storage units available from 20 – 160 square feet, these are available for short or long periods at competitive prices. Call us or click here to visit our dedicated website to see what is available. We are 10 minutes from the centre of ashford.

Mushroom Compost & Mulches

A by product of the growing process is spent mushroom compost. It is great for the garden as a mulch for weed suppression or dug in as a soil improver. We also produce composted horse manure which is heat treated to kill weed seeds.

Why not try our woodland mulch as an alternative to bark this is a recycled product of the forestry industry and makes a very attractive feature.

Green Electricity Generation

We now generate over half of the sites electricity demand from renewable sources visit the generation page to see how. 

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